Summer 2014

The first collaborative study program between Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Chiba University was held between August 25 and September 5 on AUTh’s campus. For more information, click on the pamphlet below, access the blog, and continue reading this page.


The year’s host is the School of Spatial Planning and Development, Faculty of Engineering.

Theme: Tourism in Local Planning and Development

Participants: 13 students from Chiba University and 15 students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


  • Aug. 26 (Tue): Cultural exchange: A series of group presentations on contemporary aspects of their respective culture was held by students from AUTh and Chiba.
  • Aug 27 (Wed): Studios: 1) Tourism planning and sustainable development: An introduction. 2) Composing the image of the city using distinct cultural elements.
    Produce an evaluative map of the city of Thessaloniki.
  • Aug 28 (Thu): Studios: 3) EU Projects and policies on rural policy development. 4) Case study of women’s co-operatives in rural Greece.
    visit of a women’s cooperative in the outskirts of Thessaloniki.
  • Aug 29 (Fri): Workshop: Students work together on organizing the knowledge accumulated during the previous days and compare it with case-studies from Chiba prefecture.
  • Aug 30 (Sat)~Aug 31 (Sun): Field trip in the Kassandra peninsula and overnight stay at AUTh’s Kalandra University Camp.
  • Sep 01 (Mon): Studios: 5) Thessaloniki as a city-port. 6) Reclaiming streets for people in the historical center of Thessaloniki.
    visit of the locations described in the morning lecture.
  • Sep 02 (Tue): Studios: 7) Tourism planning and local tourism industries. 8) Business plan of a tourism enterprise. In-class exercise: devise a business plan for an imaginary tourism industry.
  • Sep 03 (Wed): Workshop: Students work together on organizing the knowledge accumulated during the previous days and prepare their final project presentations.
  • Sep 04 (Thu): Final project presentations followed by feedback from staff and students.
Organizing Committee
Gaitanidis I.
Katsampalos K.
Kalogeresis A.
Kobayashi S.
Latinopoulos D.
Latinopoulos P.
Papadopoulou E.  Coordinator
Tokmakidis K.

Faratzou A.
Fragou E.
Kotsaki E.
Kapragkou C.

Siminou P.

Technical support

Mpellas I.
Mpozis E.

Scientific Committee
Dedousis N.
Iakovidou O.
Kalogeresis A.
Latinopoulos D.
Papagiannakis A.
Papadopoulou E.
Pozoukidou G.
Thoidou E.
Tokmakidis K.

The Department of Spatial Planning and Development of Aristotle University  and the Center for International Research and Education, Chiba University are the Organisers of The International Summer Program, which is suported by the Department of International Relations and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


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