Final presentations and farewell dinner

The final presentations took place according to schedule in the afternoon of the 28th at the very same amphitheater where our first cultural presentations were held in 2014. Some staff and residents from Pella joined us, as well as the parents of two of AUTh participants. The rest of the day should only be evaluated through a thorough look into each team’s proposals. After the presentations, our beloved TAs made also their presentation using quotes from everyone’s diaries. They managed to relax the mood and leave everyone with very fond memories!

At the end of the day we all gathered at a restaurant next to Thessaloniki’s landmark, the White Tower, for a farewell dinner. Discussions were all about the future… what is next for everyone? When to maybe meet again?

Cherishing the last few hours, I believe that both students and organizers were exhausted but proud to have reached the end of a fascinating adventure that will be difficult to topple next year in Chiba.



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