Workshop on Dion findings

Today we had yet another long day of workshop and discussions with three objectives in mind: 1) to share our findings from Dion, 2) to further work on specifying each group’s proposal, and 3) to update each team’s questionnaire for use in the final site that we were to visit the next day, Pella.

The atmosphere was yet again tense. Perhaps students started sensing that the end was near and that their ideas had to be much more specific than they had originally thought. Group dynamics also seemed to shift and tremble as discussions became heated and some participants started feeling more intensely the challenges of collaborative work. How far can ideas be expanded? How much agreement exists or needs to exist within the team? Does everyone need to work on the same task? If there are no alternative suggestions, why cannot we all agree on a common goal? …and the like, were probably questions that arose in students’ minds during this day. Again, to save time, thanks to our TAs’ assistance, lunch was ordered and eaten on site.

This day’s proposal presentations however were much better than in Vergina, perhaps mirroring the attitude of the community in Dion, which in general terms seemed to have expressed more positive feelings towards the site. Each team also showed awareness of key issues, often summarized in the form of keywords that kept appearing in their speeches: representation of the community, memories of the site, accessibility for everyone, free will of the residents, the unique feeling of archaeological discoveries, the importance of the quality of information available. The next step was to present these ideas in an as much realizable format as possible; in other words, to write up a kind of funding application that would convince stakeholders of the worth of each proposal. This would be the objective of the last two days of workshop that were planned after our return from Pella.



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