arrival in Thessaloniki

Our stopover in Istanbul was brief, but some students had the chance to taste some of the local delicacies while rehearsing their cultural presentations.

IMG_5956 IMG_5958

On our arrival in Greece, the AUTh team was there to greet us with more (some would say tastier) delicacies, and a brief bus tour of the city, with a stop on the acropolis of Thessaloniki to admire the view and listen to some historical facts about the geography of the area.


After the city tour, we checked in at our hotel, and after a very brief rest, we met up again on the first floor of the hotel for the very last touches on the cultural presentations that were to be held on the next day. We then headed on to an early dinner at an excellent restaurant in front of Thessaloniki’s seaside, and were welcomed with great warmth by all of these year’s participants, as well as some of last year’s students who kindly came by to greet us .




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