Visit of Special Exhibition on Ancient Greece

On July 23rd and August 4th, Chiba U participants had the chance to visit “A Journey to the Lands of Immortals: Treasures of Ancient Greece,” a special exhibition at Tokyo’s National Museum. Students were asked to make the most of the exhibition by learning the basic features of each historical period and by thinking about the following questions.

1) What was for you the highlight of this exhibition? Please answer in specific terms. 2) What were the characteristics of the exhibits of “chapter 7”? How do they compare with the rest of the collection? 3) Describe one artifact from “chapter 7: The Macedonian Empire” in detail. 4) Offer an idea that is specific to this collection of what you would do if you were asked to come up with a plan that enhances the public archaeological value of this exhibition for the local community?

After the visit, we had lunch at Hard Rock cafe which was offering a special menu of hamburgers made all over the world, including Greece!


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