Day 13: In-depth study of Kusu no Ki, followed by first feedback session

By the beginning of Tuesday (August 18), participant students, who, on our arrival at Kusu no Ki, had already been re-grouped in six groups according to their individual interest, had already a fairly clear idea of what they wanted to do for their final project, so each group started gathering information that would be necessary in order to come-up with 1) a short-term plan (feasible in three days), and 2) a long-term plan (3~5 years) to further the development and ensure the future growth of Kusu no Ki.

On the demand of students and thanks to the invaluable cooperation of Mr Kitami, interviews were set up with a local bus driver, the bamboo cutting instructor and Mr Kitami himself, short field trips (to the local harbor, neighboring farms and nearby residential area) were arranged (some of them took place on the next day as well), and students started collecting photographic and other extra material that were necessary in order to frame their plans.

In the afternoon, each group was asked to do a 10-min presentation of their plans in front of Mr Kitami, who provided feedback on the feasibility, possible issues and ways to solve them. This opportunity to listen to the reaction of Kusu no Ki’s manager, offered our students much-needed practical advice on their ideas, and motivated them to strive further in their efforts to produce work that would be useful for the local community.

The day ended with a film showing session to relax and get ready for the final day of our stay at Kusu no Ki.


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