Day 06: Lectures at Suya Honke and guided visit of the town of Ichinomiya

On Tuesday (August 11), we got on an early direct train from Inage to Ichinomiya, a small town one-hour by train from Chiba, located on the Pacific coast. Thanks to the introduction by Professor Morris from Chiba University’s Faculty of Engineering, the first community-based revitalization project that we were able to visit was the NPO Sasuga Ichinomiya (sasuga means “as one would expect”). As explained in the course manual, the project involves the restoration of a Meiji period town housewhich was in the beginning of August turned into a small cafe·restaurant. The NPO’s work is part of local efforts to revive the shopping street of Ichinomiya and develop the old part of the town, around Tamasaki shrine. They day’s schedule was as follows:
2015-08-11 10.34.57
09:22: train
departs from lnage-station

10:11: train arrives at Kazusa·Ichinomiya

10:30: speech by town mayor

10:45: lecture by Professor Morris on the history of Ichinomiya and the characteristics of old town houses such as Suya HonkeIMG_3776

11:30: lectures by a professional architect and by Professor Morris’ postgraduate students on the restoration of Suya Honke

12:00: presentations by students of Ichinomiya Commercial High School on their ideas for the revitalization of their town

12:30: lunch (with shaved ice dessert made by the high school students)IMG_3799

14:00: split in two groups and take part alternatively in a walking tour of the old part of the town guided by Professor Morris and in a bus tour of the outskirts and the seaside area of Ichinomiya, guided by the NPO manager, Ms Shida.

16:21: train departs from Kazusa·Ichinomiya

17:14: train arrives in Inage-station


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