Day 04: Visit of Edo-Tokyo Museum, welcome party

The fourth day of the program, we visited the Edo-Tokyo Museum to get a sense of the size of the capital and provide a general historical perspective to this summer program’s topic. The museum’s volunteer guides spent 90 minutes on offering an overview of the development of Tokyo through the ages, before we all gathered for a papercutting performance in which one of the AUTh students had the chance to take part, with interesting results!

P1050877 P1050882 P1050894 P1050896 P1050899

For lunch, we had chankonabe, a type of Japanese stew, which is usually found in the sumo wrestlers’ diet.

P1050906 P1050908

In the afternoon, we headed back to the International House where Chiba University’s “mothers”, a group of women who have been taking care of international students for at least the last 40 years, had prepared a buffet of home-made Japanese food and also offered to the AUTh team to try on yukata (casual summer kimono).


The AUTh team had also prepared a short presentation on Greece, a traditional dance performance, and tzatziki (yoghurt-based sauce) cooking demonstration, followed by the sampling of some Greek dishes.

IMG_3308 IMG_3316


08:30: meet in front of ticket machines of lnage·station

09:04: train departs from Inage·station

09:46: train arrives in Ryogoku-station

10:00: start of guided tour of Edo-Tokyo Museum

11:30: end of tour of Edo-Tokyo Museum–free time in the museum

12:30: Lunch

14:30: train departs from Ryogoku-station

15:12: train arrives in Inage-station

15:30: start of welcome party at International House

16:00: presentation by AUTh students about Greece to “the mothers of Chiba U”

17:00: dinner

19:00: end of activities for the day

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