Pre-ed session 08: Workshop on Presentations on Japanese culture and society

The eighth preliminary education session was spent on brainstorming on the topics selected this year for the Chiba U student presentations about contemporary Japanese culture and society. The four topics were 1) Washoku and Japanese Cuisine, 2)Temples, Shrines, Castles and other Historical Buildings, 3) Ninja, Samurai or Geisha, 4) Nature and Seasonal Customs. Chiba U students were split in four groups and according to their topic, built the skeleton of a presentation that would talk critically about the stereotypical images of Japan associated with each of the aforementioned themes. To help students frame their presentation, a template was provided by the course convener (and reproduced below).

At the end of the workshop, we had a small pizza party (to remind ourselves of the pizza marathon we had last year in Greece…see last photo below)

Japanese Culture and Society_Pres_Framework

P1050832 P1050835 P1050837 P1050831


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