Pre-ed session 04: Guest lecture by Professor Ohe on Rural Tourism in Japan

The fourth preliminary education lecture was held by Professor Ohe Yasuo from Chiba University’s Faculty of Horticulture. Professor Ohe is an expert on rural economics and has conducted comparative analysis between Japan and Italy on the development of rural tourism, the roles of multifunctionality in agriculture, and the economic conditions for farm and rural diversification. After a brief introduction on food education in Japan, Professor Ohe’s lecture comprised a review of rural tourism in Japan and an explanation of the problems currently faced by enterpreneurs of rural tourism businesses in Japan. Finally, Professor Ohe talked briefly about Kusu no Ki, the project which is going to form the main field site of this year’s summer program.

Students from AUTh were able to attend the lecture through skype and ask Professor Ohe questions about the implementation of rural tourism policies in Japan. Chiba University students also inquired on the situation of rural tourism in Greece, building therefore the starting blocks for the comparative discussions that will take place in August.

P1050369 P1050370 P1050375 P1050378 P1050388 P1050391

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