Day 4: Workshop on presentations about themes from Day 2 and Day 3

We (Chiba University staff) dedicated the fourth day of our program to the completion of tasks given to students in Days 2 and 3, and to the implementation of these tasks into a final presentation. More specifically, in the morning session, we asked students to complete their map of the image of the city of Thessaloniki (a task given on Wednesday by Prof. Pozoukidou) and to then build a presentation in which they will use Chiba U. students’ comments to map out and explain how the city of Thessaloniki may be seen by tourists, with the ultimate objective of trying to show how a city’s landscape is constructed by the people who live in it and by those who just visit it. In the afternoon session, students were asked to analyze their questionnaire data by focussing on the issues that local villagers may have raised in regards to the women’s co-operatives, and to build a prototype for promoting agritourism by using the questionnaire data and by incorporating plans/policies that have been already incorporated in Chiba prefecture.

Friday 29 September 2014

10.00-10.30: complete Prof. Pozoukidou’s exercise

10.30-11.00: generating ideas for a final presentation with the title The Tourist Gaze of the City

11.00-11.45: gathering materials

11.45-13.00: building the powerpoint presentation

13.00-14.30: lunch break

14:30-15:00 thinking outside the box: a taste of lectures held at Chiba University’s Center for International Research and Education (Ioannis Gaitanidis and Satoko Kobayashi)

15.00-15:30 analysing the questionnaire data

15:30-17:00 building a presentation with the title Innovating Agritourism

Workshop 1P1020090P1020095

Professor Pozoukidou listens to students’ impressions from their fieldwork

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